Posturology ?

We are all asymmetrical, result of our constitution, our habits, our lifestyle.


The foot is the first sensor of the postural system. Whenever and wherever postural asymmetry is found, the foot is always a link between the imbalance of the body and the ground. The foot will always adapt to maintain balanced weight distribution as it is the connection between a postural imbalance and the ground. The purpose of Posturology is the correction of the sensory system as a whole.

Posturology is a diagnostic tool that can detect various health problems, or analyse them with more accuracy. It is not intended to treat any disease and therefore does not claim any therapeutic application as such. As part of specialised medical treatment, it provides specific information about certain health parameters. At The London Podiatry Clinic we focus on the management of postural, balance and lower limb disorders. Part of the treatment plan the patient is involved in understanding and managing their condition. We use specific diagnostic tests followed by creative treatment methods which are specifically tailored to meet the patients’ unique needs, such as the making of thin posture insoles and, or rehabilitation programs.

At The London Podiatry Clinic we design all our Postural insoles, according to clinical indications.

• Neutralization of nociceptive (painful) plantar areas.

• A mechanical action on the pathologies of the lower limb.

• A postural remediation through neuro-sensory stimulation.

Posturology London